About - Maglan Water


Meiruwa integrated services is a water processing and water treatment consultant.  We make use of world best standards and practices in processing and bottling of our Maglan Water brand. Our team comprises of highly trained and experienced professionals with proven track records in the water industry.
Our Vision is to ensure that every households in Nigeria have access to clean, high quality, great tasting and affordable drinking water.


Maglan water is duly certified by National Agency For Food and drugs Administration since 2010 and also reviewed periodically, Maglan water quality control department collects samples and performs analyses throughout the bottling process to ensure that every bottle of Maglan water retains the original characteristics and purity of the water. The Maglan water source itself is tested regularly to ensure its continued integrity and stability, several tests are done routinely to ensure consistent balance and purity.


Our Maglan water bottles are made from PET and are clearly labeled on the bottom “#1” with the PET recycling code. Maglan water packaging is completely reusable and recyclable, we ensure prime quality and it is not made from materials containing Bis-phenol A (BPA Free)


350ml X 20 Bottles Maglan Table Water

500ml X 20 Bottles Maglan Table Water

750ml X 12 Bottles Maglan Table Water

High quality PH Meter

Total dissolvable solids (TDS Meter)

Counter top manual 5gallon dispenser with carrier